3rd Facebook Live Event


Sunday, October 27, 2019, 4-5 PM

Please mark your calendars and join us for our next Facebook Live Event: 

Overcoming Betrayal and Exclusion: Building an Inclusive and Respectful Partnership - Part 3 - Facing and Overcoming ChallengesSunday, October 27, 2019 4-5 PM.  Jeanne Morrison, member of the Massachusetts Women of Color Coalition (MAWOCC) will be on camera for the first time along with Patty Shepard, member of the League of Women Voters of Winchester (LWVW.) Our conversation will include gaining more clarity about some of the challenges we face trying to build partnerships that are inclusive and respectful.  Additionally, we will explore some of  the roadblocks encountered when race and gender intersect, inhibiting efforts to achieve equity.  As we continue to develop our relationship, we’ll focus on why it's so important to talk to each other about race in meaningful ways.  We will wrap up the discussion by engaging participants in a little brainstorming about specific projects that members of MAWOCC and LWVW could do together to move forward. You don't want to miss this one!  

Please join us and invite your friends!

You can find all the details below and in these links to our FLYER, EVENT PAGE, and the MAWOCC Facebook Page, where you will be able to access the event live on 10/27 at 4 PM and the recording at a later date.

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Patty Shepard, a member of the local League of Women Voters in

Winchester, MA (LWVW) was fortunate to learn about the Massachusetts Women of Color Coalition (MAWOCC) from the representation by their president, Celila J. Blue, on a discussion panel held by LWVMA, on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the fall of 2018. In part because of the newly updated DEI Policy of LWVUS, she later reached out to MAWOCC about being part of a possible educational event to be hosted by the  LWVW sometime in 2019. A productive phone call with Chioma Nnaji, VP for the Eastern Massachusetts Region of MAWOCC, led to a series of monthly conference calls between members of MAWOCC and LWVW, beginning in February, 2019.

We quickly learned that the focus and concerns of our respective organizations have much in common. On the other hand, the very complicated history of both the Suffrage Movement and the League of Women Voters, particularly with respect to Women of Color and the important leadership roles that they played, despite repeated betrayals, exclusions, misrepresentations, and blatant discrimination, is like an elephant in the room that cannot be ignored. Telling and learning the truth, sincerely acknowledging the harm that has been inflicted upon Women of Color, and finding some kind of meaningful redress are all essential parts of forming this kind of partnership.

Because our discussions have been so rich with meaning and deeper understanding related to the history of women of color in the suffrage movement and the LWV, we decided to set up a series of Facebook live events to share our ongoing process with a wider audience.

The date for the first Facebook live event is Sunday, June 30th, 4 PM to 5 PM. It will be co-hosted by Patty Shepard anAngelina Camacho (member of MAWOCC) and the topic is: What does it mean for LWVW and MAWOCC to partner?




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