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Where does the name League of Women Voters come from?
Read through the LWVW history! It’s fascinating. You can also learn more about the League of Women Voters on their website here... www.lwv.org.


Read through our Membership info here!

If I want to join LWVW how should I do it?
Use our online membership form to join. If you would prefer to join by mail, click here to download the PDF file of the membership form. Send it in along with your check (please make payable to "League of Women Voters of Winchester."

What can I hope to do as a member of the LWVW?
We hold several events though out the year and you can be a part of them all or just one that interests you. Being a member is about being as involved as you would like to be. Some members attend events and help out, others help to plan events, others do both. We are always looking for people to help out. Check out our calendar and volunteer opportunities! We are also open to new ideas and welcome your attendance at Steering Committee meetings. Please contact us with your thoughts or questions.

What is the membership fee used for?
Most of the membership fee goes to the LWVUS to do the work they do nationally. We get back a small percentage which we use to create our events in town.

Can men become members of the League?
Yes! The League started out as a women’s organization and then became open to men and women. We welcome anyone!

How long does the membership last and when is the renewal period?
The membership dues last one year. Our annual membership drive takes place in late November and end December 31. We hope to have our members renewed by early January so that we can report our member numbers to National LWV by January 31st.

I would like to join but the membership cost seems high. Do you have any assistance?
We strongly believe that financial hardship should not be an obstacle to membership. If $65 is difficult at this time please contact us.



Can I volunteer with the League for just one event?
Sure! If you’re interested in the LWVW but aren’t quite ready to join, attend an event or contact us to be more involved.



I would like to follow you online. Where are you?
We are on Facebook and Twitter. Here are the links to our sites!
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lwvwinchester


Why do I need to fill out the Online Membership Form?
The LWVW keeps a record of your membership information using the online membership form. This online form is a way to collect new and current member information. The information is kept private and is used by the Membership Chair.

I don't want to fill out the online form. Is there another way to sign up or get you my information?
If you do not wish to use the online form you can download the .PDF file and send in your information by mail. Click on this link to open the file and save it to your desk top.
If you would like a form mailed to you please email us and let us know. We are happy to send you a copy.

I just filled out the Online Membership Form but I want to pay by check. What do I do?
After filling out the form you will be logged in to your new "My LWVW" account. You will be shown the option to pay online. You can leave that as is and click on "View Profile" in the top right hand corner of the website to view your profile. Your membership will be inactive until we receive your payment in the mail. (Please make sure that your name is given along with your payment so we can update your payment properly.) Once we receive your payment your membership will be activated and you will be able to access the "My LWVW" members only area of the site.

I do not wish to have an online account with LWVW. Can I still join?
Of course you can. Having an online account is an option for members. If you do not wish to have an account please let us know either via email or in the "Comments" section of the membership form.

What can I do with this new account that I have created?
With your account you are able to:
  • View previous online payments, event registrations and donations
  • Upload a photo of yourself that will be shown to other LWVW members
  • Sign up for newsletters
  • Contribute your thoughts and information to our LWVW Blog
  • Participate in the forum discussions in our "Discussion Room."

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